Susan D. Matley

Susan D. Matley writes sci-fantasy and western historical fiction. Writing as S. D. Matley, her latest release is fantasy novel Big-G City, sequel to novella Small-g City (both from WolfSinger Publications).

Previously, her short stories have been published in THEMA Literary Journal, GlassFire Magazine and Dark Pages (Blade Red Press). She’s a member of Western Writers of America, Women Writing the West and Pacific Northwest Writers Association. In 2011 she was a finalist for the Western Writers of America “Best Song” Spur Award.

Susan lives near Walla Walla, Washington amidst thousands of acres of wheat (not hers!) with husband Bruce and many 4-legged kids.

More About Susan

Dancing with the Person Inside

Last Sunday afternoon I met a friend downtown for iced coffee. As I ambled back to the car, replete with a tall skinny iced mocha for the first time in years, I noticed a poster for classes at the local dance studio taped inside a storefront window. I’ve been thinking...

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Embracing the Person Inside

Last week I was absolutely giddy from reclaiming the person inside, my inquisitive and forward-looking 14-year-old self. It was such a joy to see her again that I’ve invited her to stick around. Together, we’ve had an interesting week!   She’s definitely more...

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Reclaiming the Person Inside

I experienced a huge revelation this week: there’s a person inside me who, for the first time in years, perhaps decades, is free!   She’s a very young person, fourteen as close as I can tell. I felt her knocking earlier this week while meeting with a friend from...

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Travel, Kids and Sitters

One day I’ll travel, as early as next month when I visit my home town for a couple of days. Given the brief time frame it’s a trip targeted for family but if I run true to form I’ll sneak in some time with friends, too. That’s the scheduling challenge of traveling to...

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