Under the Super Blue Blood Moon

This week I had planned a blog in honor of that rare triple event, the Super Blue Blood Moon. The idea went sideways Wednesday afternoon when Bruce found a house prospect in Walla Walla, WA. We met with our realtor Thursday morning at 10:30 AM, walked through the...

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Conference Call, Anyone?

Technophobe though I am, I truly appreciate the modern-day convenience of conference calls. It’s so easy! You dial a number to the central hub, put in a code, say your name and, voila, you’re there! Unless, of course. . . I’ve participated in two conference calls in...

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Two decades ago my inner life was in turmoil. My father’s death in 1994 had pulled my spiritual and emotional legs out from under me. I didn’t realize this for years, wrote it off as grief-induced internal discord. Eventually, I told myself, I’d get over it. Daily...

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When in Doubt, Use a Picture Prompt

Most times it’s easy for me to come up with a weekly blog topic. Today is not “most times.” So many different things are going on right now I can’t settle down to one idea and really dig in. Enter: the picture prompt. Writing prompts are a means of stimulating...

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Critics in the Classroom

If you’re reading this blog, chances are like to read in general. When did your love of reading start? Did a family member read to you when you were little and/or was your love of reading kindled in grade school? I was lucky enough to have both experiences. Trips to...

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