It’s been said that variety is the spice of life. I believe variety is life. Highlights of a variety-filled week: Alumni Banquet Last week I mentioned I’d be attending Mom’s 75th high school reunion. Mom hosted a pre-banquet party for her classmates, all of them in...

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I’m lucky. In general and in specific. This week alone tells the tale. On June 4, we celebrated the 5th anniversary of bringing Hoosegow Matley into our home. He’s a fabulous fellow, inquisitive in a way that makes him well-adapted to change. Like the recent move....

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Stereoscope, Anyone?

Words are funny things. Sometimes the wrong word ends up widely used for a specific person, place or thing. Writers must be extremely careful about this type of misuse. For example, today’s blog was supposed to be about a 19th century invention called the...

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I Just Don’t Want To

I’m usually game for all kinds of things- -shampooing carpets,getting a new haircut, planting old carrot seeds to see if they still have the ambition to germinate. But sometimes, I just don’t want To. Do. Anything. It’s that rare kind of day today. We’ve already made...

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Hi out there to all of you in the normal world, it’s Crazy Moving Week! This is the week when many normal conventions are set aside for the abnormal. Here are the highlights: Food Eat it or move it! Finding Food from the New House In the spirit of Lewis & Clark,...

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When We Are Settled

Two weeks into the moving process, my sentences abound with the phrase “When we are settled.” Apparently I’ve been putting off a lot of things. Dreams deferred, as it were. In this particular category I’ve looked wistfully at my tap shoes and my cello, which now live...

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