The Tracking Life

At this time of year there are many ways to indulge in the tracking life. In the morning I can search for deer tracks in the front yard snow. There’s also the time-honored ‘keeping track’ of the long list of things to accomplish for the holidays. My faithful steed the...

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Tips for Making Catnip Mice

In all the rush and flutter of holiday shopping, do you find yourself saying “OMG! I forgot about the cats!”? Thankfully, I am not in this position. Something about having four cats makes it hard to forget about them. Last weekend I embarked on my seasonal hand-made...

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To Darkness Bring Light

When you find yourself surrounded by darkness, bring light. This is my motto for the coming weeks of winter and the next few years of anticipated political events. Call me Pollyanna, but I refuse to sit around feeling miserable because the sun goes down at 4 PM or...

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Kid Stuff

At this time of year it’s easy to slip into memories of being a kid. There’s always some kind of holiday program kids get roped into at school, whether they’re in orchestra, band, chorus or sentenced to a skit. It’s also a time of avaricious kid dreams. For me, this...

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How Much Hair Can One Pull?

I’ve never been blessed with good hair. Given the present state of affairs, I wonder if I’ll have any hair left by month's end. Grrrrr! Yes, it’s been a frustrating week. Don’t get me started about health insurance or the (hopefully still just a proposal) Senate GOP...

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Too Many Hats

Some will argue that a woman can’t have too many hats. I disagree, at least in the metaphorical sense. My metaphorical hats are popping up in abundance right now. Multiple projects compete for my attention: Holiday gift shopping Completing the current draft of my...

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