First Love

Remember your first love? For me, I have to go way, way back to Saturday morning cartoons. I was two or three at the time. Mighty Mouse was definitely the first guy I ever wanted to marry. It would have been a difficult relationship as, at the time, I identified as a...

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Just. Be. Kind.

Just. Be. Kind. This theme came to me via Facebook yesterday. Lots of people have been posting their dismay, shock, alarm, disgust and many other feelings about last weekend’s shootings in Las Vegas, Nevada. People are blaming politicians, gun owners, gun control...

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Vacation and Daisy

For the first time in three years, we’re taking a vacation. To many people this will sound completely un-American, but life is like that sometimes. At last we’re away for eight glorious days and seven relaxing nights, a car trip to northern California and Nevada to...

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Musicians and Other Hoarders

For many years I worked as a musician. With a childhood education in piano and cello, a knowledge of bass guitar acquired in my twenties and a bit of singing, I held up my half of a music duo for a decade-plus. To the uninitiated, this might sound like a joyful way to...

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