True Voter Fraud Story

Voter fraud is again in the news. This compels me to share my own, true experience with voter fraud. I’m not interested in hype or speculation. I don’t think you would be, either, if a voter fraud campaign had touched your life. October, 2012. We’d just returned from...

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Interview with Martin McCaw

Martin McCaw writes elegant, direct fiction, peppered with quirky humor. His impressive list of award-winning short stories is now joined by his spellbinding debut novel, The Low Road. Full disclosure: Martin McCaw is my critique partner and an influential writing...

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Reunions of Many Kinds

Last week I returned to my home town, Port Townsend, WA, for my fortieth high school reunion. As it turned out, I was due for reunions of many kinds from the moment I boarded the Jefferson Transit bus. It was the last leg of my outbound journey, a travel adventure...

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