Rest and Relaxation

Nearly six months after Bruce’s death I am finally getting it into my stubborn head that I need more rest. And relaxation. Rest and relaxation; kind of catchy, isn’t it?   It’s crazy that it’s taken me this long to realize that, since a month prior to Bruce’s...

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Multitasking. The word does not appear in my 1974 Merriam-Webster dictionary. Resorting to Wikipedia, multitasking is:     . . .an apparent human ability to perform more than one task, or activity, at the same time.   Did you notice the skeptical tone of this...

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Word: Self-Care

Something I’ve heard a lot since Bruce died (five months ago yesterday, not that I’m counting) is “Now is the time for lots of self-care.” It’s taken me a while to register this advice, and more time still to act on it. The concept of self-care is not simple for me....

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Last week’s kindergarten recollections got me thinking- -what other memorable things happened in grade school? Fortunately, Mom is cleaning out some boxes from her attic and gave me a treasure from Mrs. Campbell’s fifth grade. An essay, some hand-drawn illustrations...

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