Working Those Magazine Subscriptions

If you’ve followed this blog since early 2016, you may recall I have a genuine struggle with magazine subscriptions. Ordering and paying for them is simple enough, but when it comes to reading them in a timely manner I always seem to be somewhere else. Until recently....

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Picture This

Today, when it was blog writing time, I couldn’t picture what I was going to write about. Not writer’s block, exactly- -just that blah-blah battling my springtime allergies and being entirely unmotivated kind of feeling. If you’re like me you have stacks of boxes...

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In the old-time twentieth century days of my childhood, branding mostly had to do with livestock. Now it has to do with everything, from the regularly changing labels on consumer goods to the business pursuits of elected officials (shame on them). As a writer in...

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Personal History: Life With Cats

If you visit our home, my website or my Facebook page, you will likely draw the conclusion that I like cats. A lot. It’s always been this way. I don’t know why. Perhaps it was an early act of rebellion. Dad was severely allergic to cats. We couldn’t have one when I...

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Q & A Selfie

I’ve not mastered the art of the cell phone “selfie” but I’m pretty good at interviewing myself. Here’s my “Q & A Selfie.” This is one piece from the media kit I send out when I’m publicizing a new book. If your “Q”s don’t get “A”d in this blog, send your Q via...

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Deciding Stuff is Hard

You heard it here first: deciding stuff is hard. That is, if you don’t know where you’re going. For over a year we’ve been trying to figure out where we want to move. I thought I had it solved when I applied to several MFA Creative Writing programs. Surely one of...

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