It’s a Wrap

About ten minutes ago I happily shouted, “It’s a wrap!” No, I’m not directing a major feature film (more’s the pity). I’ve just finished wrapping up, boxing up and mailing holiday gifts for friends and family who live- -somewhere else. I’m a Christmas Expat, 300 snowy...

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More than One Kind of Hero

This morning I got into an interesting Facebook conversation with some friends, two guys that I very much like and respect. Both are Vietnam vets, both hard-working individuals who have excelled in their professions and given a lot back to their respective...

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Civics Drawing Has Two Winners!

Thanks to all who entered the drawing based on my November 18 blog, Civics Crisis USA. In case you don’t remember, the three branches of the US Federal Government are: Legislative-Congress, a bicameral branch composed of the House of Representatives and the Senate...

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Gifts for Writers

I know, I know, you’ve been wracking your brain, trying to figure out gifts for the writers in your life. Believe me, it’s a problem. Even if you ask a writer what they’d like for a gift, they’ll probably answer with, “Huh?” It’s an old story, getting lost in the...

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Inspiration for a Lifetime

The holidays have started and the end of the year is nigh, the perfect time to reflect on the people who’ve inspired me, especially the ones who’ve given the gift of inspiration for a lifetime. Her name was Miss Hyatt when she came to our school the year I was in...

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Civics Crisis USA

Of the many disturbing aspects of the recent US presidential election, to me one of the most upsetting is the failure of nearly half of the electorate to exercise their right to vote. I’ve wondered out loud about this phenomenon, only to be told that poor voter...

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