Three Things I Must Say

With less than three weeks to go until the end of the 2016 Presidential Election, there are three things I must say: Thing Number One: Sexual Assault I was a victim of sexual assault when I was 13 years old. It happened at a party. The boy was 16 and had me in an arm...

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VISA and the Man

In case you’ve never lived through gender discrimination first-hand, here’s a piece of history that might interest you. Also, a review of things best not said in public.

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What Are You Doing?

What are you doing? That’s what you might wonder if you observed my current type of work day. Today is kind of normal because I’m taking time to write the weekly blog, but as to the rest of the week. . . What are you doing? I’m spending a lot of time with numbers,...

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The Magic Desk

If you ever doubt there is more to our world than meets the eye, let me tell you about my Magic Desk. No, it’s not a treadmill desk. In fact, it wasn’t designed as a desk at all. The Magic Desk started its life in Thailand decades ago as a carvery table. A writer...

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Crime, Fear, Love, Mercy

This week I’ve been contemplating the relationship between crime, fear, love and mercy. My thoughts turned in that direction Monday evening, when something unexpected happened at our house. We live one mile east of a small town (population 300+/-), amidst thousands of...

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Red Tape

As a former auditor, I’m very much in favor of people following rules and regulations, but this week I encountered an incident of red tape that was too much, even for me. It should have been simple. All I wanted to do was change the billing address on one of my Mom’s...

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