Teachers, Ancestors and Other Strangers

It’s the time of year when I think of back-to-school and those who wait for us there- -teachers. In my family we have five continuous generations of teachers. Most recently, my niece has followed in her mother’s footsteps. Before my sister, our dad and an uncle taught...

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Fun with Crisis

This week, I’m having fun with crisis. I take this unconventional approach because some sort of crisis is looming at all times. Is this your experience, too? Not sure? Let me give you some examples. Literary Crisis We’re a non-television household. For entertainment,...

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The Joys of Batching It

Are you acquainted with the term “batching it”? I associate it with the old west, where there were few single women. Lots of single men out this way (miners, cowboys and the like) had to take care of their own household affairs. In letters written in 1896, my...

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