Twenty Years Ago

Twenty years ago, shortly before my 39th birthday, I started a regular exercise program. Regular. Exercise. Program. My activities were divided between half an hour on an off-brand in-home cross-country ski machine and occasional chilly laps, twenty or so, at the...

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Adding a Voice to the Pain

Honestly, I’d like to write about something happy, positive, uplifting. But this week, for me, is filled with pain. I am talking about the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings for the Supreme Court nominee. I can’t bring myself to type his name. It’s everywhere, so...

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An Old Case of Harassment

If you lived in a place decades ago and, after all that time has passed, end up living there again, doubtless you will see shadows of your old life impressed over the new. This happened to me recently in Walla Walla, on a Sunday afternoon. We’d just attended a concert...

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Agent Search, 2018

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about the quest for a literary agent. Not that I haven’t been seeking representation like a crazy person for my middle grade novel “The Luck of Lily Adams” all summer- -I certainly have! At last I’ve exhausted my preliminary list...

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Word Play

According to somebody or other online, the most recognized word in the world is HELLO. The second most recognized word is Coca-Cola. The, Chocolate and Louse fill out the top five. That being so, I have a great suggestion for the American film industry. Let’s dream up...

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Not a Good Surprise

What do you do when life springs a surprise on you? Not a good surprise. What if you learned this morning that a sister-in-law had died three months ago? None of the surviving siblings were informed of the death by her husband. Not a good surprise. Most recently, she...

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