My New Superpowers

There’s a lot of talk about superpowers these days. Which are the top 10 coolest? Which are the top 10 best?   Frankly, I don’t have enough time in my day to deploy 10 superpowers, but I have acquired a few gems as of late.   First and foremost, I have...

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The Subject is Ban-Lon

It’s a huge transition from wife to widow, with many small steps along the way and some interesting discoveries. For example, Bruce’s closet. I was looking through his things for warm shirts to donate to the local homeless shelter when I happened upon a relic from...

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Déjà vu Winter

Yesterday, when I was waiting at the bus stop, it occurred to me I’d been here before. Not at the bus stop per se, but in the sub-freezing temperatures and snow in Walla Walla. The déjà vu winter moment sent me right back to the winter of 1978-79.   Of course,...

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Matley Boys Bunny Mystery

Over the years, the Bruce and Susan Matley household acquired many artifacts. Most of these came from family members, through death or downsizing. But one item remains unexplained to my satisfaction. It’s cute, it’s cuddly, it’s floppy. It’s the Matley Boys’ Bunny....

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Farm Girl Fixes

  It’s a big adjustment, being the only human in the household. Not only do I have 5 four-legged kids to attend to, but everything else, too. Like repairs, when things stop working the way they should. If it’s plumbing, I call a plumber. For other repairs, I’ve...

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Things I Can’t Do Yet

No matter how brave I am, how calm I am, how resolved I am to make the best of a difficult situation, things along my widow’s journey can jump out of the woodwork and bite me, hard- -things I can’t do yet.   The day I’m writing this blog, January 17, 2019, is one...

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