Mom’s the Word

This Friday we’re traveling across the state to celebrate Margie Abraham’s ninetieth birthday. I’ve known Margie my whole life. Yup, she’s my mom. Margie Sullivan was born in Republic, WA, a small mining town near the Canadian border. When she was two or three her...

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Virtual Fiction

This week I read a Facebook post that set me thinking- -not about a turkey wrapped in bacon or what classic movie star I am most like, but something truly critical to the way we live in the 21st century. I’m talking about the singularity movement, the point where...

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Green Tomatoes

What a week. First, Sunday’s “fall back” time change left me confused during the day and marveling at the early nightfall. Then came the first hard freeze that turned the tomato plants into black slime and prompted an immediate harvest of the survivors. The next day,...

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The Birthday Effect

It’s time for me to contemplate the marking of another year on this planet. The past 365 days have been exceptional, as they embrace the publication of my first book, sci-fantasy novella Small-g City. This event has prompted the neighbors to ask why I’m attracted to...

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Spotlight on Hope: Melody Biehl

This month I had the unanticipated pleasure of running into someone I haven’t seen for a few years, my friend Melody Biehl. You can easily spot Melody in a crowd. She’s the energetic redhead wearing pink. We’ve known each other for ten years and often meet at western...

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Adventures with Women Writing the West

I’ve never been a joiner. At age seven I was kicked out of Brownies for insubordination. When I was twenty-something, personality assessment tests administered by prospective employers determined that I was a “maverick” employee, someone who consistently went my own...

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