Serial Fiction , Part III

Where does it end? Read on for the final installment of "The Seventh Day" and when the opportunity comes, don't forget to vote! The Seventh Day by S. D. Matley © 2016 Part III Marge didn’t speak Thursday morning, and Joe had never been one for starting conversations,...

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Serial Fiction, Part II

On day one of New Genesis, our food supply was replaced by the soysynth fabricator. What will the Theocratic Republic of the United States of America take from us on days two, three and four? Read on in “The Seventh Day” Part II.

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The Joys of Blurb Craft

Several months ago, the Line Editor From Hell (aka my friend and writing mentor, Martin McCaw) invited me to write a back cover blurb for his upcoming novel, The Low Road. This invitation created one of those “who, me?” reactions. I looked behind me to see if Stephen...

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