What do trade magazines and scuffed shoes have in common? It’s a personal thing. They are integral to the two resolutions I just can’t keep. Two years in a row I’ve resolved to polish my leather shoes once a month. How hard is that? I have no objection to shoe...

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The Beauty of Constraints

When I was a high school sophomore, the English teacher said to our class, “Creativity is working within the constraints.” The concept was new to my 15-year-old brain. Wasn’t a constraint something bad, something that held you back? Well, no, that was more like a...

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An Exciting Week!

Writing, as a type of work, can have long stretches of days at the desk and/or hunched over research books, striving to finish a project that you hope someone besides yourself will someday read. Nothing seems to move except your fingers. I was moaning about this to my...

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