Dad and the Family Fudge

At this time of year I think about my dad, even more than I do at other times of year, which is a lot. Dad was born approximately 25 miles from our place in Prescott, WA, in the small town of Starbuck, December 24, 1924. He and his twin, Donald, were 3 months...

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Desk Top Survey

I once had the idea to write a story about someone based on the entries to their check register. That type of compact, personal record seemed a gold mine of information as to what someone feels is important, where they go, who they see. I didn’t use that idea when I...

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Give, Read, Receive

Yoo-hoo, anybody out there? I’m posting this on Black Friday. If you’re out shopping, I hope you'll read this in time to consider my gift-giving advice. Our culture shifts ever more quickly and I believe it’s high time to dig in our collective heels and keep books-...

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Mom’s the Word

This Friday we’re traveling across the state to celebrate Margie Abraham’s ninetieth birthday. I’ve known Margie my whole life. Yup, she’s my mom. Margie Sullivan was born in Republic, WA, a small mining town near the Canadian border. When she was two or three her...

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Virtual Fiction

This week I read a Facebook post that set me thinking- -not about a turkey wrapped in bacon or what classic movie star I am most like, but something truly critical to the way we live in the 21st century. I’m talking about the singularity movement, the point where...

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