“And please release me,” said Small-g City. Today an event both happy and significant is occurring, the official release of my sci-fi novella, Small-g City, from WolfSinger Publications. For the first time my work is published in book length! It’s been a...

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Best Ever SEO Keywords

Ha ha! Caught you! You’re someone just like me who’s trying to attract page views by inventing some irresistible SEO Keywords. And what is an SEO Keyword, anyway? The first part, SEO, stands for Search Engine Optimization. An SEO Keyword is a word or series of words...

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Blue Moon

Blue Moon It happened today at 6:43 AM, an event that, on the average, occurs every 2 ½ years. I’m talking about the Blue Moon. Astronomically speaking, most of us think of a Blue Moon as the second full moon to occur within one calendar month (though the more...

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  What do trade magazines and scuffed shoes have in common? It’s a personal thing. They are integral to the two resolutions I just can’t keep. Two years in a row I’ve resolved to polish my leather shoes once a month. How hard is that? I have no objection to shoe...

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The Beauty of Constraints

When I was a high school sophomore, the English teacher said to our class, “Creativity is working within the constraints.” The concept was new to my 15-year-old brain. Wasn’t a constraint something bad, something that held you back? Well, no, that was more like a...

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