Why Writers Need Hobbies

  Writers need hobbies for the same reason accountants need hobbies- -writers have got to get away from the desk before they calcify. This implies that writers should have hobbies that involve physical activity but, ironically, reading is, for many writers, the...

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A Big Box of Books. Now What?

  The publishing industry has changed a lot since I started writing novels back in the 1990s. E-books, the rise of small independent presses and self-publishing have greatly increased the number of titles available and niche markets have proliferated. As a...

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Album Advocacy

  This week I’m blogging under a different hat. Don’t get me wrong, I could lather on and on about the book release but I’m sure you could use a fresh topic. So let’s look at the new world of music. Isn’t it strange that single songs can be downloaded? Spotify...

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    “And please release me,” said Small-g City. Today an event both happy and significant is occurring, the official release of my sci-fi novella, Small-g City, from WolfSinger Publications. For the first time my work is published in book length! It’s been a...

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Best Ever SEO Keywords

Ha ha! Caught you! You’re someone just like me who’s trying to attract page views by inventing some irresistible SEO Keywords. And what is an SEO Keyword, anyway? The first part, SEO, stands for Search Engine Optimization. An SEO Keyword is a word or series of words...

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Blue Moon

Blue Moon It happened today at 6:43 AM, an event that, on the average, occurs every 2 ½ years. I’m talking about the Blue Moon. Astronomically speaking, most of us think of a Blue Moon as the second full moon to occur within one calendar month (though the more...

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