The Importance of Being Prepared

I’ve always understood the concept of being prepared. It’s smart to have an overnight bag packed in case of emergency. If it’s 40 miles to the grocery store, it’s essential to lay in plenty of canned goods and toilet paper. And, when I become a 25 years-in-the-making...

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Weeding and Writing

No, I’m not practicing my Elmer Fudd imitation. I’ve been too busy for such entertaining pastimes. I’m revising my manuscript that recently came back from the Line Editor from Hell (aka, my critique partner, Martin McCaw). As a bonus, I’m also helping my husband rid...

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The Importance of Place

One of the elements a writer has to consider for every story is where the story takes place. For one thing, it’s important to have a setting in which the action occurs. But don’t let “place” fool you- -it serves as far more than window-dressing. When we first moved to...

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When I was a kid I spent a lot of time in the biography section of the one-room school library that served third through sixth grades. This section was packed with great American lives- -George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Clara Barton. The stories of these folks...

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So What Is This, Exactly?

Writing a novel is a lot of hard work. Selling a novel is harder still. But there’s an intermediate step that I’m struggling with right now. I have a completed and polished manuscript ready to send to prospective publishers but I don’t know what type of book it is,...

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