There be Vikings (in the Mirror)

Sometimes I’m tempted to have a DNA test. You see, I’m a skeptical person, the sort who wonders if family stories passed down through the generations are true. For example, one of my great-grandmothers claimed she was part Cherokee. I tried to verify this when I was...

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Aretha Franklin: Forever in Our Lives

Like everyone else with a soul, I celebrate the life mourn the loss to this world of Aretha Franklin, dead yesterday at age 76. I’ve been an Aretha fan for a long time. I was eight years old when songs like “Chain of Fools” and “Think” tore up the radio airwaves....

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Hot and Hotter

August in the Pacific Northwest, the time of year when temperatures shoot higher than any other. Here in beautiful Walla Walla, WA, we are experiencing another series of triple-digit days. Hot and hotter, even in the shade. Thank goodness for the modern technological...

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The Unloved Garage Sale

It’s amazing how many things we moved from Prescott to Walla Walla, not because we needed them anymore, but because time was of the essence. The miracle of the last few loads when moving is classic, the virtual throwing of things that don’t go with each other in any...

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Fascinating Fraud (and a Contest!)

I’ve lately come to realize I am fascinated by fraud. This came to my attention while discharging my continuing education requirements for 2016-2018. As previously confessed, I am a Certified Public Accountant. Though I haven’t worked as such for years, I persist in...

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Farewell, Good House, Farewell

This Wednesday we became the owners of exactly one house. The payers of exactly one set of utility bills. The maintainers of a single one-third acre. It’s final; the sale of our house in Prescott, WA, has closed. It’s a bittersweet relief, having only one place to...

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