Catdaptation Made Simple

*Catdaptation (verb): 1. Adapting your living environment to the needs, wants and desires of one or more cats 2. Adapting your life to the needs, wants and desires of one or more cats Given our four resident cats, Bruce and I have become masters of catdaptation. I’ve...

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Revisiting Catnip Mice

Thanksgiving Day. The pie is baked, the cranberries are jellied and I’m especially thankful for Bruce who is doing the rest of the cooking. But that was yesterday. Today, you may not have time to read this blog because you’re punishing yourself with the Black Friday...

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Love Your Bookstore Week!

Good news for brick-and-mortar bookstore owners, employees and patrons. November 10-16 is the inaugural Love Your Bookstore Week! If, like me, you are a book lover, now’s your chance to join this celebration. Visit your favorite bookstore(s), take pictures of the...

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Social and Anti- Social Media

Social media- -Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the rest of it- -has wrought significant change in human communication. Though I’m not a dedicated social media user, I have been on Facebook for over six years. My experience with this platform has been, for the most...

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Conference Time!

Writing, in general, is a lonely line of work. Writers can work in isolation for hours and hours, submerged in the world of their projects, barely surfacing for meals, getting dressed and interaction with other humans. There are some exceptions to this life of...

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