I Just Don’t Want To

I’m usually game for all kinds of things- -shampooing carpets,getting a new haircut, planting old carrot seeds to see if they still have the ambition to germinate. But sometimes, I just don’t want To. Do. Anything. It’s that rare kind of day today. We’ve already made...

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Hi out there to all of you in the normal world, it’s Crazy Moving Week! This is the week when many normal conventions are set aside for the abnormal. Here are the highlights: Food Eat it or move it! Finding Food from the New House In the spirit of Lewis & Clark,...

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When We Are Settled

Two weeks into the moving process, my sentences abound with the phrase “When we are settled.” Apparently I’ve been putting off a lot of things. Dreams deferred, as it were. In this particular category I’ve looked wistfully at my tap shoes and my cello, which now live...

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Old House-New House

Of necessity, this week’s blog will be short and sweet. We’ve worn out the road between Prescott and Walla Walla, toting our stuff to the new house. If I had to guess, I’d say we own 40,000 pounds of books. I realize book collectors don’t usually quantify their...

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Change on Every Front Part IV: House

Remember way back, about two years ago when I posted three consecutive blogs about all the change going on in my life? Or not. Turns out most of these anticipated changes ended up in the “not” column. Here’s my thinking from January, 2016: . . . sometimes life hops...

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Library Books: Your Pre-Digital Past

The theft and misuse of digital information has been in the news a lot lately. It’s tempting to get teary-eyed over our pre-digital past, a long ago time when someone had to produce an actual piece of paper to figuratively nail you to the wall. I’m here to tell you,...

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