Small-g City Resized

Seattle is on the brink of disaster, but nobody knows it! Nobody except Ralph, a “small-g” god from Olympus, Inc. Ralph suffers from extreme job burn-out, and no wonder–his job is to reinforce Seattle’s notorious raised highway, the Alaskan Way Viaduct, by disbursing his molecules throughout the unstable and hazardous structure.

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Big-G City Book Cover

Veronica Zeta, youngest child of Zeus and Hera, is at last CEO of the immortal owned and operated corporation, Olympus, Inc. The biggest project on her agenda is creating world peace, but first she must depose her bloodthirsty brother Ares, God of War. To do so, she must deploy a supernatural force called The Power, which can demand a terrible price.

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Unintended Consequences Book Cover
Incarceraton cover art

If you’re keen on variety and your reading time is limited, try an anthology!

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