Live Event! Book signing at Book & Game of Walla Walla for new release “Beyond Big-G City” June 18!


Greetings! I will be at Book & Game of Walla Walla, 1st, & Main Street, 11A-2P Friday June 18, to meet and greet readers, talk about books, and sign new (!) release “Beyond Big-G City,” book three of my “G” series. If you’ve missed “Small-g City” and “Big-G City” those volumes will be available, too.

I hope I’ll get a chance to visit with you then! If you’re interested in the books- –a contemporary mythology/fantasy series for adult readers, featuring immortals of the Greek Pantheon– -but can’t make the event, Book & Game has all three volumes, signed by the author (that’s me!) in stock.


Wishing You Happy Reading and Safe Travels,

Susan “S. D.” Matley




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