Incarceraton cover art

Name your favorite fraudster and enter to win a prize!

Hey, there’s a new contest, inspired by today’s blog:

Send me a message via Facebook or contact me through this website with the name of your favorite fraudster. “Favorite” does not necessarily mean you like or admire this individual, only that they’ve made a lasting impression on you. Your entry will be hand written on a scrap of paper, crumpled into a ball and subjected to the 100% fair and fraud-free method of Winning Entry Selected by Cat. Entries will be accepted through midnight, Pacific Time, August 15, 2018. The prize: a copy of anthology Incarceration (includes my short story “The Auditor”)! Details about the prize here:

Anyone may enter, except me (because that would appear somewhat shady, wouldn’t it?).

Good luck, keep your hands clean, and I look forward to hearing from you!




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