A small brag: my song “Show Me Mister” from Nevada Slim & Cimarron Sue’s 2010 CD ‘Westerners’ was a finalist for the Western Writers of America Best Song Spur Award!


Writing can be a lonely occupation, a world of quiet, focused, solitary work. Long stretches can elapse without a tangible product to share. It’s important for writers to celebrate the small victories, and so. . .

Hooray, I’ve got something new in print! A few months ago I was invited to write a sidebar for an upcoming article in the Western Writers of America magazine Roundup. The topic: western movies you’d like to see on the stage. Thanks to Robert Nott, newspaper reporter, all-around theater guy and author of the main article for inviting me, also to Roundup editor Johnny D. Boggs for recommending me to Robert. You can read “Taking the Stage West” (including my sidebar) here:


Western Writers of America, Inc., has been promoting the literature of the American West since 1953. You can find them at http://westernwriters.org


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