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Time to add to your reading stack! Women Writing the West Conference Book Store, Walla Walla, WA, Oct 26-27.

This week the 24th annual conference of Women Writing the West unfolds at the Marcus Whitman Hotel in Walla Walla, WA! As part of this event, Book & Game of Walla Walla has graciously partnered with Women Writing the West to create the Conference Book Store! The Book Store, located in the Empire Room of the Marcus Whitman Hotel (just off the lobby), is open to the public! Book Store hours:

9 AM-5 PM, Thursday, October 26-regular store hours

9 AM-4 PM, Friday, October 27-regular store hours

5 PM-6 PM, Friday October 27-Special Event! Book signing by 50 (count ’em, 50!) western authors!! Fiction, Nonfiction and Poetry, with something for you and everyone on your book gifting list!!!

More about Women Writing the West here:

For Book & Game of Walla Walla, visit:

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