Walla Walla is home to an incredible number of people involved in history and the arts. Next week is filled with events of interest. As it happens, three of my women friends are part of it all!


Neat! Like the women I read about in biographies?


Yes, 9, particularly if you’re looking at April 11. (For those of you who haven’t met 9, she’s my inner 9-year-old and a member of Mrs. Morton’s 4th grade class, 1968-1969.) Award-winning storyteller Rebecca Hom will share the stories of WW II WASP (Women Airforce Service Pilots). This is the first in a series, hosted by DW Distillery.


Amazing Women: Storyteller Rebecca Hom shares stories of WWII WASP!


At noon on April 12, local historian Susan Monahan will give a presentation on Chinese domestic workers in Walla Walla at Walla Walla University, Winter Educational Complex at SW 4th street, Room 209. This presentation is part of the annual Blake Center conference April 10-12, this year highlighting the experiences of Asian and Asian American people in Walla Walla and the PNW. For more information go to https://www.wallawalla.edu/resources/student-support-services/office-of-diversity-and-inclusion/donald-blake-center


Just a few miles away, if you arrive early and eat quickly you will also have time to enjoy a bowl of soup and take home a one-of-a-kind hand painted bowl from SoupPort 2023, St. Patrick’s Blanchet Hall, 11A-1P. Artist Dana Froom (who is also Hoosegow’s sitter, the lucky woman!) is heavily involved in painting and firing the bowls. The event is a fundraiser for SonBridge Center for Better Living. Details here: https://www.sonbridge.org/soupport


Don’t forget, we have some events coming up, too.


True, Lily (my inner 14-year-old aspiring actress, direct from 1974). We have some modeling on the horizon, first at Kirkman House Museum. Their spring tea and fashion show is April 30. Inquire here:


Board member Maejul Gannon will outfit several folk from the local community with rare and beautiful pieces from the museum’s collection.


We’ve also been recruited for a fashion show in Waitsburg, WA, on May 20. It’s a daytime event at the Royal Block https://www.theroyalblock.com/ and part of Waitsburg Celebration Days 2023. Cheryl Hansen has curated a wonderful collection of evening gowns and day wear, belonging to her mother who traveled to over 30 countries and purchased many interesting and unusual pieces from the 1970s forward.


The very next day Matilda Sager Delaney returns to Fort Walla Walla Museum, May 21, 2 P.


That’s us!


Matilda visits from the year 1897. Her life story is anchored by surviving the Whitman Massacre at age 8! Early presentations for the 2023 season are posted here and there are many more to come through October:



Amazing Women: Matilda Sager Delaney and many more amazing Walla Walla women return for Fort Walla Walla Museum’s Living History 2023 season!

That takes us through May. More to come in June, July and September, and maybe, just maybe, the fourth book in my fantasy-mythology series titled “Crisis in Big-G City” will come to press during that interval! My final edits are with the editor/publisher as we speak. . .


I hope to make all of next week’s events, made possible in part by some amazing Walla Walla women that I am proud to call friends.


Wishing you wonderful events and happy times with your amazing friends, too.



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