Susan and accordionWriting, as a type of work, can have long stretches of days at the desk and/or hunched over research books, striving to finish a project that you hope someone besides yourself will someday read. Nothing seems to move except your fingers. I was moaning about this to my husband earlier this week.

In the back of my mind I am always suspicious that my efforts in both creating stories and assembling a marketing platform to promote them will hit the proverbial fan at the same time. That’s what the past two days have been like.

News! Yes, I have news!

Yesterday, Corey Kretsinger of MidState Design notified me that my “author” Facebook page was up! This is a component of a larger project he’s creating for me, a website that will be launched in just a few days! The purpose of all this digital excitement is to promote my upcoming book, Small-g City (WolfSinger Publications) and Corey wanted to know when the cover art would be available. I e-mailed WolfSinger Publisher/Editor Carol Hightshoe this morning. She replied that she hoped to send me the edits on the manuscript by the end of the week and was presently looking for the right artist to do the cover, so I’m thinking Small-g City will be coming out pretty soon! I also mentioned to her that the sequel to Small-g City was ready for her consideration and she said send it anytime! So I did. Just a few minutes ago.

I’m kind of panting now, and it’s not only because of the 105 degree high we’re experiencing this very minute in Prescott, WA. This is an exciting week! In addition to the news detailed above, I’ve also sent queries for my historical western novel and purchased an excellent research book on the Columbian Exposition of 1893 for a new project. To paraphrase my friend Bob Fouste, aka cowboy poet Smoke Wade, life is good when you are the writer!

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