Somehow, I keep thinking things are going to slow down with the cooling weather. Days in the 80s, nights in the 50s, shorter hours of daylight. That should add up to less activity, right? But then come bats and taps and all the other things that mean fall.




That’s right, 9, meaning Adam West Day, celebrated in Walla Walla last Saturday in honor of our local boy who played the original Batman on TV.


Fudge night!


Right again! Dad always made a batch of fudge the night Batman aired, one of few nights during the week he didn’t have a meeting. Mom had a lot of meetings, too. I guess I got the “busy” thing from them.


He taught us the family fudge recipe.


He did indeed, Lily, back in 1966, when parents still let their six-year-olds work with hot stoves. I’ve considered making fudge to celebrate Adam West Day but there never seems to be enough time! Because first I must create an outfit:


Going with a Batman and cowboy-themed mash up for Adam West Day 2023. The programming also honored his work in TV westerns. . .



Then, to attend the opening ceremonies see the Batmobile:

The Batmobile, original style!


Usually I stay for the whole day of activities but this year auditions for The Nutcracker were on the same day. I was at the adult/teen “no dance experience necessary” call. We did a warm-up, then the director taught us the “Grand Waltz” from the first act (party scene). I am happy to report I will be returning as the (trophy) grandmother, and that many of the adults from last year will perform again, too.


No bats, no taps, but coming to Walla Walla December 16: Dance Center of Walla Walla’s production of “The Nutcracker”!


Where do taps fit in?


You tell me. What starts when the school year starts?


After-school lessons. Please tell me I don’t have to take piano again!


You finally get a pass on that one, Lily.


It’s a miracle!


For you this year it is cello and being in as many plays as you can manage, plus a six-week summer theater workshop.




For me, I’m happy to return to the Dance Center Walla Walla studio and the instruction of Miss Grace. Tap happens at 3 P Sundays this year, a good way to round off the weekend. Except maybe this weekend when I have my Living History presentation at 2 P. The presentation runs 30 minutes but people in the audience usually have questions, and then there’s the matter of getting out of an authentic 1918 costume. Lots of hooks on that!


No bats, no taps, and fresh from September, 1918: Nellie Gilliam Day! Fort Walla Walla Museum, September 17 2023, 2 P.



Weekends will be really busy when adults are required at Nutcracker rehearsals on Saturdays. And we’ve got a trip to Port Townsend coming up- –


With an interview.


When we get back it will be time to put the garden to bed for the year. Oh, and tonight I want to observe Rosh Hashanah so I need to pick up a loaf of Challah at the bakery and then there’s the book signing next Saturday and. . .


Fall officially begins at 11:49 P Pacific Time, one week from today. The weather might be changing but my schedule- -it’s enough to drive a person bats!


Speaking of which, if I can shine this on the side of my house maybe Batman will drop by and give me a hand with all this stuff!


Everyone needs their own Bat Signal, right? Adam West Day, 2022.


We can start with cleaning the gutters. . .

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