Book signing- -the books and the “cook”!

I can hardly believe it! After 15 months of relative isolation and few opportunities, today I am doing a LIVE book event!! The book signing in celebration of Beyond Big-G City (released December, 2020) is happening today, June 18, 11 A-2 P at Book & Game on 1st & Main, Walla Walla, WA!!!


What a wonderful opportunity, to meet with people, LIVE, and talk about books!! My books, yes, but other books, too. If I meet someone who doesn’t read in my genre (contemporary fantasy/mythology targeted for adults) I often have a recommendation from their favorite category to share. If you enjoy middle grade fantasy/time travel, try Da Vinci’s Cat by Catherine Gilbert Murdock. A fan of suspense fiction? The Last Flight by Julie Clark will keep you on your toes!


I could go on and on about books, but we know what everyone really wants to know, don’t we, Lily?


What will you wear?

Book signing- -the “look”!

Book signing is a marketing pursuit, so I aim to be visible. I’ll decorate whatever I wear with a full apron emblazoned with Beyond Big-G City cover art (apron created by T Walla Walla ) and a head wreath worthy of a make-believe princess from Inland Octopus . All three of my “G” series books will be available- –


Are you giving anything away for free?


Glad you asked, 9. Thanks to a fast and easy online print company (complete with sky-high shipping charges) I have (drum roll, please) custom book marks! This is a first for me. It’s easy to design a bookmark online, but, after multiple obsessive and compulsive reviews of what I’ve created, hard to press the “submit order” button. I’ve chickened out a few times doing this in the past.


But you’re a big girl now.


Apparently, Lily. I also have a small hand truck to roll my signage, book inventory, tablecloth, bookmarks and costume pieces, plus a water bottle and a snack or two, from a distant time-unlimited parking space to the venue.


What kind of snacks?


Probably an apple and some trail mix, 9. I’ll be located outside the shop, as it’s the first day of their annual sidewalk sale.


No chocolate?


That would be nice, but not practical for keeping delicious fingerprints off pristine pages. The temperature will be close to the predicted high, 92 F, by the time the book signing is finished.


Better pack some sunscreen, too.


These days, I don’t leave home without it, Lily- -lots of sunshine, long daylight hours and the summer solstice due to arrive at 8:21 PM Pacific Time, June 20.


Summer. It’s almost here. Book signing, contra dancing, performances at the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center, lap swimming at Veterans’ Memorial Pool, Symbol Quest at Mountain View Cemetery- –

After the book signing: Symbol Quest, complete with hoodie t-shirt!

What’s that?


It’s a Parks & Rec activity where we’ll learn about headstone iconography, 9. I just picked up our packet, including a long-sleeved hoodie event t-shirt. Oh, and the Walla Walla Summer Chamber Music Festival starts June 22. Five concerts, total, but 3 of them are already sold out:


Hey, those are all at wineries!


Darn the luck.


The time is now to make summer plans! Whether you travel near, far or not at all, I wish you the joy of a new season and, with luck, a more open world.

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