Sometimes staying connected with the world is really hard. Right now I’m struggling with worries about the Delta variant and breakthrough infections, and the new string of triple-digit highs is downright oppressive. It’s tempting to give up trying, to stop reaching out and instead just hide out at home And. Do. Nothing. But that’s not the way it works for us humans. We’re gregarious and active by nature. All the time we need to be building.


One thing we build is relationships.


Today, for example. I had planned to go by Fort Walla Walla Museum and take a picture for today’s blog, which was going to be about a video project I participated in this week.


We got to act. Yes!


I could definitely feel you there with me Lily! It was interesting, highly focused, fun and sometimes challenging work, and I loved every minute of it. I was primed to write all about it, as soon as I got a picture of the historic cabin where most of the video takes place. And then. . .


Building: sometimes it’s a physical space. Interior, Reynolds Cabin, Fort Walla Walla Museum.


At the museum I talked briefly to the video director. She was enthusiastic about the blog but when we got to talking about it in detail I realized she could share some highly interesting information about the project, including stills from the shoot, provided I could wait until next week to post this particular blog.


Another chance to collaborate with her. A better chance to promote the project. Building a relationship.


My next stop was “new and used” Earthlight book store. The owner carries my titles on consignment. I hadn’t been in for a while. There has been and uptick in local interest in my books since the signing event in June, so I figured he might need to restock.


Nope. He’d sold one only and didn’t need anymore. However, I’d had some promotional bookmarks made since the last time I’d been in and asked if I could put those in the books he had in stock. Sure, he said.


Checking in. Building a relationship.


Last stop, a new coffee shop.


Good, because I got hungry.


After two consecutive plans going a little bit off course I was definitely in the mood for a treat, 9. I had a ten dollar gift card for a new place on Issacs called Livit. The coffee shop is attached to the Bicycle Barn; in fact, one of the entries is through the Bicycle Barn’s retail space (imagine the intermingled aroma of new bike tires and coffee).


The coffee shop has a fabulous long bar that looks like it’s made of barn wood, lots of green plants, and a pool table in a room off the main area where a bunch of little kids were playing. Simple and pleasant in décor, the overall atmosphere is a bit raw with newness. The clientele tended toward Gen-Z and Millennial. It’s a friendly place to Boomers as well. I enjoyed an Americano and a very healthy breakfast cookie while I soaked in the energy and vibrancy of the place.


Building a relationship with a new business, plus, the motto on their “to go” cup was exactly what I needed to lift my spirits:


Building: up to and including building a sense of self-worth.


Building relationships with projects, people and places. That’s what we do, right?




Next week: the video project at Fort Walla Walla Museum!

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