Grizelda, after selecting the winning entry

Grizelda Matley, exhausted after a tough job

Thanks to all who entered the drawing based on my November 18 blog, Civics Crisis USA. In case you don’t remember, the three branches of the US Federal Government are:

  • Legislative-Congress, a bicameral branch composed of the House of Representatives and the Senate
  • Executive-President, Vice President, Cabinet Members
  • Judicial-Supreme Court and Other Federal Courts

One entrant also mentioned the “Fourth Estate,” which is the news media.

Grizelda Matley, tiger tabby, once more selected the winning entry. Congratulations to Lynn Kopelke! But wait, there’s more. Aware of another extreme cat lover among the entries, Grizelda then touched her nose to the slip of paper for Cynthia Koan! And she didn’t just touch it, she sat down and glared at me as if to imply the holiday season rated extra generosity on my part. So. . .

Lynn will receive 5 copies of Nevada Slim & Cimarron Sue’s CD “Christmas Shoppin’ at the General Store” and Cynthia will receive a single copy, as demanded by Grizelda and the holiday spirit.

Congratulations to both! After all the excitement, Grizelda is taking the day off.

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