Sometime after my first fantasy/mythology book was published I had a little fantasy of my own. I pictured a day when I’d be at a book signing, ideally at a speculative fiction convention, and that someone would show up at my table dressed as a character from Small-g City. I knew people did things like this at comic cons (comic book conventions) but didn’t know the name for it: cosplay.





It’s a new-ish word, Lily, not found in our 1976 pocket Merriam-Webster Dictionary which jumps straight from cosmos to Cossack. From today’s online Merriam-Webster, cosplay is defined as:


“the activity or practice of dressing up as a character from a work of fiction (such as a comic book, video game, or television show)”


Or a book?


Or a book, 9. Who would you be if you dressed up as a fictional character?


Alice in Wonderland!


Excellent choice. How about you, Lily?


Titania, from A Midsummer Night’s Dream.


Interesting. That’s pretty close to what I’ll be doing tomorrow at my book signing event.*


You’re going as a Shakespearean goddess?


Nope. As a Greek immortal.


Ooooh! Which one?


It’s kind of a mash-up, 9. The costume I found is more like Hera, but my build is more like Artemis. So, kind of myself, re-imagined as someone who could feasibly hang out with the characters from my “G” series.


Better give us a preview. You might need some helpful advice.


Thank you for looking out for me, Lily. Here’s a “first draft” I put together the day the costume arrived:


Heaven and Earth, what am I up to now? Cosplay for book signing on September 23!



Hmmm. Why, exactly, are you doing this?


The main reason is to draw attention to the books I’m selling. But here’s the secondary reason: I am, at last, making my own dream of “G”-related cosplay come true.


It seems I’ve been cosplaying off and on all summer. First, dressing as Skipper for the Barbie movie, then in 1940s attire for “Oppenheimer.” I’ve put together an outfit for Adam West Day so many times it now seems normal. Next week, I’m attending a Clue-themed party, an evening for friends to gather and play the board game by that name. Guests are encouraged to dress as a Clue character. Today, at Kirkman House Museum’s vintage clothing sale, I found the perfect outfit for- –


Nope, no spoilers! Tune in next week for the big reveal. Plenty of time to dream up your own cosplay before then. . .



*Book & Game at First and Main, Walla Walla, WA, Saturday, 9-23-2023, 11 A-2 P. Hope to see you there!

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