Hey everybody! We have a new project in the works for summer. At long last it is time to do something about the back decks.


What about the well pump thing?


That’s on the summer project list, too, 9, and if all goes as planned the pump will be replaced by the end of June. The deck project is scheduled for August.


Why so long a wait?


Good question, Lily. I had a contractor in place to do the project in April. He had some back issues following a surgery and can’t take on this type of job anymore. He gave me a referral for another contractor. I met with that individual on Wednesday. It’s challenging to book summer construction projects this late in the spring. I feel lucky to be on his summer schedule at all.


Is it both decks?


Mostly it’s the big deck, 9, but both of them need work. Both the old contractor and the new one laughed out loud when they discovered the decks are attached to the house with nails, not bolts.


We barely use the big deck.


That’s because it’s not very welcoming, Lily. It’s essentially just a hulking rectangle of 2 x 4s with half the railing off and some pretty serious gaps between the boards. Bruce removed a bunch of the railing when we first moved in because some of our cats could jump from there to the roof.


Decks: The large one, in all its “We just bought this house” glory.



The deck, today.


The deck, with built-in flaws. One of many reasons I don’t wear stiletto heels. . .










The new deck will have a more interesting shape that doesn’t just repeat the squareness of the house.  It will be narrowed on one side to help create an angled section in the front. Broader stairs on the soon-to-be angled corner will sweep more gracefully into the yard. Built-in benches will make it more inviting. A few planters will pretty it up.


Plan for the new deck: Much more welcoming!



What about the little deck?


The footprint will stay the same, but safety issues exist will be fixed and the railings will be replaced with ones that match the new railings on the big deck.


Will it be expensive?


I’m sure it will be expensive enough, Lily. I get the bid next week.


Dad says we’re careful with our money.


That’s a kind way of putting it, 9. Happily, most of the lumber in the existing decks is in good enough shape to reuse. That will keep costs down. The contractor will also replace the green fiberglass panels shading the patio with a combination of metal and clear panels. This will still create shade, but will also let in some light.


And it won’t cast a green pallor on whoever sits under it.


An excellent point, Lily.


The small deck is my go-to for morning coffee. The patio is perfect for wine and hors d’oeuvres. The renovated large deck, with built-in benches facing north and east, will be a pleasant place to read in the afternoon. Plus, the benches won’t get shoved around by the prevailing southwest wind when it kicks up its heels.


We could maybe even put our sleeping bag out there at night and look up at the stars.


Great suggestion, 9.


Maybe I’m eccentric, but I believe it will make the house happier to have a more elegant and functional deck.


Yes. Well. . .


Wishing each and every one of you happy houses, and a happy soon-to-be summer.


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