A fabulous moment, 2019!

If you’re like me, you’ve been stuck in a funk of grey winter COVID-y restricted yuck for some time now. Not surprisingly, this can have an effect on one’s outlook. Today I had a revelation: don’t let this stuff get to you. Close your eyes and repeat after me: I am fabulous!


I am fabulous!

The road from 9 to Lily- -Fabulous for the entire journey!

I am fabulous!


Yes, you are, Lily and 9, and permit me to say that I, too, am fabulous! Here’s why the three of us and everyone else on this earth is, too (with a brief shift to Second Person point-of-view):


Today, something went very, very right for you. Just because there’s a pandemic and it’s cold outside and social interactions are so limited now that possibly no one witnessed this great thing happening for you and no one you’ve called or emailed about this very, very right thing has picked up- -news flash!- -IT STILL HAPPENED AND IT STILL COUNTS! Whether anyone sees you being fabulous or not, the fact remains, you are fabulous!


Did your hair turn out better than usual? Did you tackle a major cleaning project that you’ve been putting off for weeks? Maybe you’d hoped someone in particular would spend some time with you today and that didn’t work out. But, hey, the person you want to interview about something technical that happens in the manuscript you’re working on got back to you and you’re meeting with them next week. Why? Because your quest for getting the details right is fabulous, and so are you!


Maybe today’s high temperature, unusual for early February, is 70 F and the sky is pure blue. Underneath that gorgeous sky, as you take an invigorating walk at the end of your work day you feel- –




Thank you, 9. And why is that? Because you are- –




Right on, Lily.


I am at last coming out of a long emotional slump, a bad one that has been hanging on for a couple of weeks with few reprieves. Part of it is the (until yesterday) crappy weather, part of it is because my elderly kitty, Friday (who is fabulous!) is getting a bit various in regard to health, which at times makes me sad. Honestly, he’s been rallying better than I have lately. I’ve been going back and forth about whether I should book a session with my therapist to process some of these feelings. Today I thought, huh, I could do that or I could go to the local Cineplex and watch Licorice Pizza instead, and let all the sad stuff bottled up inside of me cry itself out in empathy for two young people in the early 1970s who go through a boatload of personal struggle but come out okay in the end.

Friday June the Sixth Matley, a fabulous guy!

It’s fabulous to have that kind of choice!


This time in human history and this time of year can crush your spirit if you let them. Yesterday I remembered my battle cry, wrought from my first months of mental and emotional fog following Bruce’s death. It happened on a clear blue day like today: Look up, look out!


That’s the secret, to get outside of yourself. It can take many forms- -reaching out to help someone in need, sending a card or email to let a friend know you are thinking of them, taking a moment to be a “third eye” for yourself and looking at yourself from the outside to see that you are, in fact- –




And that goes double on Valentine’s Day.

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