Fairy Godmothers: Believe it or not, entries for fairies appear in both of these reference books.

Just when you’re slogging through too many weekly errands, just when you think it’s so gray and cold outdoors you can’t stand it another minute, just when you think there’s no magic left in the world, there, in the produce section of the health food store you see her: your fairy godmother!


Does she have wings?


I wouldn’t be surprised, 9. And I didn’t realize until this week that she actually is a fairy godmother. I’ve known her as a nurse practitioner and my women’s health care provider for 16 years.


We enjoy an excellent rapport. She’s a few years younger than me and we share harmonious views on life and the world in general. She’s intelligent, kind, and has a good sense of humor. I enthusiastically recommend her to friends who are looking for a women’s health care provider.


I’m not a fan of going to the doctor.


All I can say, Lily, is there are doctors, and there are doctors. For most things nurse practitioners can help you in the same way doctors can.


My fairy godmother knows my medical history, saw me through depression when I first moved to Eastern Washington and missed my friends and family on the west side to a distracting degree. She’s seen me through annual exams, menopause, various minor health issues and widowhood. She’s a practitioner who treats the whole person, not just their symptoms.


So there she was in the produce section and we had a lovely chat about her husband, kids and grand kids, and whatever I’ve been up to. When we met up again in another aisles I remembered to give her an update on what I’m doing to combat the beginnings osteoporosis: a super-duper calcium supplement and strength training, things I’ve mentioned in this blog before.


“And are you putting on some weight? Are you getting your protein, calcium and oils?” she said.


“Uh, well, I’m maintaining my weight, and I track my protein and calcium intake so I’m definitely getting enough.”


She looked at me, not unkindly and not like she didn’t believe me, but also in a way that made me think Yes, I would benefit from weight gain. Did you know there’s a minimum weight for being a blood donor? On average, I don’t quite cut it. The free weights trainer had also cautioned me that I should be sure I was getting enough protein and calcium, because my body would start raiding itself for those things if I didn’t and defeat the whole purpose.


That’s why I started tracking those things these past few weeks.


If you look closely the world is full of fairy godfolk. It requires the convergence of time, place and your own receptivity to their magic. They can correct and also encourage. With luck, they will be of the kindly variety.


And now, updates! January was a hopping month. Here’s the latest on various projects and pursuits:


Crisis in Big-G City update: Book four in my contemporary fantasy/mythology series featuring the Greek pantheon is in the chute, cover art pending. Release date TBA.


Living History update: Fort Walla Walla Museum’s 2023 Living History season opens April 23. Performances run most Sundays, 2 P, through October 29, with other special programming occasionally rotated into that slot. My preliminary dates are:


May 21-Matlida Sager Delaney Whitman Massacre survivor shares her recollections fifty years later


July 23-As Nellie Gilliam Day, time-traveling journalist interviews Dr. Dorsey Baker and John and Sarah Boyer (founders of Baker-Boyer Bank)


September 17-Nellie Gilliam Day, educator, journalist, and woman ahead of her time visits from the very interesting year of 1918


The schedule, when finalized, will appear at the museum website, https://www.fwwm.org/ In addition to repeat offenders- -uh, performers- -like me, there are several new presentations this year, including “Victorian Undergarments: What Lies Underneath.”  Now is an excellent time to purchase or renew a Fort Walla Walla Museum membership, as Living History is free to members (and included with regular admission for non-member visitors).

Do we get a new costume this year?

That’s not in the plan, Lily, though I might change Matilda’s black and white blouse for solid black, like the one in this picture with her two older sisters:

The Sager sisters could have used a fairy godmother! From left to right, Catherine, Elizabeth and Matilda in 1897.


Free Weights Training update: As of this posting I’ve completed four of my six scheduled sessions. Trainer Madelyn continues to challenge me and I tell her when it really, truly hurts so she doesn’t make me work even harder! We alternate sessions between upper body and lower body. I’ve completed two of each. In both instances, the second time around I was still sore in the aftermath but not nearly as much as the first time. So, progress!

Just thinking about this makes me hungry.

Hang in there, 9, we’re almost done.

Dry January update: With two exemptions factored in (attending events where wine was served and/or sharing a meal with a friend who also enjoys wine) I came out 25 of 31 days alcohol free. I consider this a win. The value of the experience, aside from tissue detox and better sleep: reaffirming that I can go without alcohol and not really miss it. Also, when I return to having a glass now and again I sip with renewed appreciation.

So sorry, i just can’t relate to this.

Glad to hear it, Lily. Moving right along- –

Steam room update: I tried this on Monday, after also trying a MELT class, both at the possibilities-packed Walla Walla YMCA. Naturally I expected steam- -warm, moist, gentle on the skin and oh-so-hydrating. What I didn’t anticipate was ceiling condensation. Splotches of cool water plopped onto my head and shoulders from a great height. I enjoyed it approximately as much as my cat, Hoosegow, would. After enduring this spine-chilling phenomenon for a few minutes I groped my way through the thick veil of steam to the door. Will I try it again? Yes, because I want the benefit of skin hydration, especially during these dry-cold winter weeks. But- -not a fan.


Okay, Lily, okay, 9, okay, troops! On to February and the continuing adventure of 2023. . .


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