Every family has its legends. The longer these legends are around, the more embellishments they acquire. In my family, there’s a story about something my maternal grandfather did in Prohibition days that involved his mother-in-law (though she never found out about it in real life). I moved the embellishment setting to warp speed, tinkered with the facts, changed the names of the innocent and wrote a short story. As grandma and grandpa’s wedding anniversary is upon us, it’s a timely story to share. You can find

You can find His Own Medicine at: http://www.peglegpublishing.com/glassfire14/medicine.htm

1923 June 30 Mary and Dennis Sulivan

1923 June 30 Mary and Dennis Sulivan

Here’s a picture of the newlyweds on June 30, 1923. They left us years ago, but I think they would have had a good chuckle at their fictional counterparts.

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