A reason to grin! Finalist in a contest, for cryin’ out loud. . .

Wow, am I ever thrilled! From nearly 400 entries, mine has been chosen as a top-12 finalist for the Writer’s Digest “Your Story” contest!

Entries are the opening sentence of a story suggested by a picture prompt. The picture prompt and the 12 finalist selections, posted anonymously without author names, are shown here:


Readers are now invited to vote for their favorite entry! No, I won’t tell you which one is mine, even if you turn me upside-down and steal my lunch money. That’s part of the fun, also part of the value of this exercise for me. I’m sincerely curious to see how much (or little) my opening line appeals to the voting public.

Writing can be a lonely occupation, with little positive reinforcement along the way. Believe it or not, getting to the finalist level has given me a huge burst of encouragement to keep going on the next book, the next short story.

Speaking of short stories, when the finalists are ranked and published in the Sep/Oct 2022 issue of Writer’s Digest and finalist names are revealed, I will post a 100-word short story based on my first line.

Stay tuned, and keep reaching for your dreams!




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