Winter is here in Walla Walla in a very big way. Last night the temperature dropped from 40 at 5 PM to 10 this morning. It is forecast to be 7 F by midnight. Anything you want frozen? Just put it outside.


I’m glad I’m a person on the inside.




This feels like the year the horse trough froze several inches down. Remember Grandpa using a hatchet to break the ice? And how thick our pony’s winter coat was that year?


Frozen: Age 8 with Wee Chocolate, 1968.



It was unusual and extreme weather.


Yes, for Port Townsend where it so rarely snows. They have enough snow today for school closures, an event so rare the family will mark it with hot buttered rum.


Here in Walla Walla cold, snowy winters are more common, and there’s usually a nasty cold snap here and there between December and February. We got a preview around Christmas, highs below freezing and sometimes bone-chilling freezing fog. Today and the next few days will make that look like a day at the beach. Forecast highs range from 9 to 17. Lows range from zero to seven. Wind chill Friday evening through Saturday morning may make it feel like 20 below.


And lots of snow?


We have a little bit, 9, but soon it will be too cold to snow.


So if we want to make frozen yogurt we can just put it on the deck?

Frozen: 10 F “feels like” -2. . .


Correct, and that might be a useful distraction to keep us from going completely stir-crazy.  Other planned activities are dressing in layers and substituting at-home workouts for walks and trips to the Y.


And reading, of course.


Of course, Lily. We still have the puzzle you got for Christmas, too.


Frozen: A blood-freezing murder mystery puzzle!



Wait, the picture isn’t what’s on the box?


Correct, 9. It’s a mystery puzzle and that’s part of the mystery.


That sounds hard.


Don’t let it worry you. There’s a booklet that explains the mystery included with the puzzle. We’ll read that in advance. I’ll bet it has lots of clues as to what’s in the picture.


It can’t be any harder than the one we just finished.


Frozen: What this puzzle did to my brain for 11 days!



We worked on that one so long- -11 days!- -it felt like we were frozen in time.


Do we get hot buttered rum?


I’d consider it, 9, but we’re doing Dry January, remember?


Isn’t rum different than wine?


Yes, but they both contain alcohol, which I usually don’t drink in January.




Partly because this year I didn’t anticipate we’d have a January string of sub-freezing days so cold they’d make me want to drink. But never fear! We’ve got plenty of things to make hot chocolate and lots of cat food for Hoosegow.


We can take hot baths.


Excellent idea, Lily! Fortunately we don’t have to be anywhere but home until next Wednesday, when it’s supposed to warm up to 29. Fingers crossed that we don’t see the Devil gliding by on ice skates before then.


The house and yard are winterized, the Subaru’s coolant is topped off, we’re poised to supplement forced air heat with space heaters and have the humidifier on standby for when the air gets really dry. Hoosegow does not appreciate it when getting a pet comes with a static electric shock.


Battling with frozen: Hoosegow, bundled up with his Christmas mouse.




Layering, hot beverages, hot baths, space heaters, humidifier, sufficient provisions, a new puzzle, plenty to read, indoor exercise options- -I think we have it covered. Oh, and battery-powered candles to make it look warm and cozy.


Frozen: Thaw it out with battery-powered candles!



A long weekend of DIY hygge; compensation for delayed plans and whatever else is frozen.

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