Remember when there was fun? First selfie, July 4, 2019 (days after reuniting with Lily!).

In Washington State, we’ve been under a Stay at Home order since March 23. It seems like this has been in effect for much longer than 25 (or is it 26?) days. However, I’m more-or-less adapting to the restrictions and starting to have some fun, too.


About time.


That’s Lily, my inner 14-year-old. She’s being very patient with me. We don’t always agree on what’s fun.


You still haven’t played the cello.


Sigh. Maybe this weekend. What I have done is La Noche del Balneario! (“Spa Night” for our English speaking friends). If you look around your house perhaps you’ll find a few stray health and beauty items that, for some reason, you’ve overlooked. I always have bubble bath on hand, and also had a peel off mask and foot massage lotion that Lily and I got for Christmas.


A cosmic holographic peel-off mask. I was pretty excited about that!


I was, too, until I opened the envelope and encountered an amethyst blob the consistency of melted bubble gum.


But we forged ahead!


Tell me, Lily, what did you like best, the hard-to-spread, sticky texture or the way it tore off the epidermis when we peeled it off?


So, not the most fun ever, but at least we can say we did it!


We did it. Happy now? We also did the bubble bath, nice and relaxing, and a foot massage after with a lovely cream that included tea tree oil. By the time I bundled into my quilted down bathrobe I felt so good I had a lopsided grin.


The fun isn’t all about self-indulgence, though. While I’m waiting for Walla Walla Community College to again offer on-campus instruction (fall 2020, I’m hoping), I’m staying connected to the Spanish language in small ways. Every morning I enter the date in both English and Spanish (including the day of the week) in my journal. Monday through Friday I do a module of “Coffee Break Spanish” online. Here’s the link:


Spanish is one of several offerings from Coffee Break Languages. You can also try French, Italian, German, Swedish or Chinese. Podcast versions of the lessons are free (and short, about 15 to 20 minutes each). I was surprised to discover the Spanish teacher is a Scottish chap named Mark! Also, the podcast has very peppy theme music, perfect for chair dancing with the Friday if he happens to be sitting on my lap.

Friday, waiting for today’s installment of Coffee Break Spanish. Fun, and educational, too!

And we heard some good news today.


Yes! A favorite restaurant, TMACS, has resumed take-out service. Sometime this weekend I’m going to order dinner, maybe Bucatini and Meatballs. . .Eating at TMACS used to mean getting a little bit dressed up and going there with a friend. Now it means parking out front for pickup and going home for date night with Doc Holliday. Fortunately, Doc is an expert at pairing food and wine.


Who thought a dog would have that kind of skill?

Fun with wine. Doc Holliday recommends Sauvignon Blanc for warm days and spicy snacks!

Who indeed, Lily? It’s one of many happy discoveries I’ve made during the lock down, like how easy it is to clean the vacuum cleaner filters.


We hope you are making interesting discoveries and having Stay at Home fun, too!


Fingers crossed for your continued good health and a gradual, reasonably safe return to the best parts of life as we knew it.

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