Heat! Walla Walla, WA, July 30, 2020, in the shade, 4 PM. It went a few degrees higher that evening. . .

Record high heat- -that’s the word on the last few days of July here in Walla Walla, WA and it looks like it will carry well into August. The cats and I are feeling sluggish, especially between the hours of 10 AM and 6 (or 7 or 8 or 9) PM when the heat is most intense. Last night’s low was 74 Fahrenheit. I dislike leaving the air conditioner on all night, but there comes a time. . .


If you think it’s hot out there, you should try it in here!


Hi, Lily. Lily, as you may already know, is my inner fourteen-year-old.


When can we have some buttermilk-peach sherbet?


Later, 9 (my inner 9-year-old). Nothing like homemade sherbet to cool a person down, but let’s do it after the sun is over the yardarm, okay?


We’ve been frolicking with triple-digit highs all week, with an extreme heat warning in place until 8 PM Friday (which, in the earlier forecast was supposed to end 8 PM Thursday. . .). I use “frolic” sarcastically.


No kidding?


Thank you, Lily, for once again providing an illustration of sarcasm in action. It’s no surprise the three of us feel cranky, given the heat. When I talk to friends and family on the western side of the state they are quick to point out that triple-digits are relatively easy to take in eastern Washington because of low humidity. Dry heat, they call it. “Dry like an oven” is the customary eastern Washington rejoinder.


This week has been a carefully choreographed exercise in staying cool. Morning walks at 6 AM under the expansive shade trees of Mountain View Cemetery. Watering the garden as soon as I get home at 7 AM. Completing all outdoor work by 10 AM. A half-hour siesta is advisable between 2 PM and 4 PM. Every salad recipe I know or can imagine has been used for dinner. It’s been so hot that an early evening glass of wine does not sound good, even in the air-conditioned indoors.


You could always have a milkshake instead.


True, 9.


Don’t most people who drink alcohol like beer in the summer?


Maybe they do, Lily, but, as you know- –


We are not most people.


Can we go swimming?


No, 9, we cannot. It’s true that Veterans Memorial Pool is open now, but I’m too disorganized to compete for a lane reservation under the COVID-19 Phase Two guidelines.


I love it, though, that now there’s a one person per lane limit. I hate it when other swimmers run over me.


For now we’re making do with morning walks and air-conditioned home routines (Nordic Track, various types of yoga).


Didn’t you sign up for some special yoga event?


Yes, on Sunday, August 9, 9 AM. “Yoga in the Vineyard” at Walla Walla Vintners. It’s a 40-minute class with all the mask and social distancing rules in place. Plus a glass of wine.


You’re going to drink wine at 9:40 AM?


Yes, Lily, I am. It seems the civilized thing to do, since the temperature will only be in the high 70s at that time of day.


But Sunday’s the day you clean the house!


I’m changing that for once. Who knows, I might declare August 9, 2020 an official holiday. I could. . .what are the things we like to do anyway? I’ve kind of lost track with the heat and the pandemic.


Major hint: ice cream.


Hmmm. I wonder what flavor pairs well with rosé?


Klicker’s should be open by the time you’ve finished drinking. If ice cream sounds too gross- –


No way!

Beating the heat. May 2020, before masks were 100% required: Birthday Cake ice cream at Klicker’s.

They have fruit and cheese. We can pick some up for a holiday lunch. If we get an early start, we can walk to Pioneer Park for a picnic before it gets too hot! 


I’m beginning to like this plan, and I believe a new adage is due:


Heat is the mother of invention.

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