Launch! The first sixteen copies of my Crisis in Big-G City inventory, available for direct purchase from me. . .

This week has been a whirlwind! Not only have I had to cleverly fit in all outdoor activities to early morning and evening hours due to the current heat wave, it’s also book launch week.

Book lunch week?

Not lunch, 9, launch. This is the week book four in my fantasy/mythology series, “Crisis in Big-G City,” is available for purchase!

And are we famous?

Not yet, Lily, but I’m working on it.

There are lots of moving parts to a book launch. First, my publisher, WolfSinger Publications, set up eBook and print versions online. Here’s their link to my series

WolfSinger also set up Crisis at Speaking of Amazon, I have at last set up my author page there. It’s a work-in-progress, and a new place where you can “follow” me, the author. Who knows what newsy tidbits might appear?

Speaking of newsy tidbits, I’ll be at Book & Game of Walla Walla (First and Main) September 23, 11 A-2 P, for a book signing. They are superstars at promoting local authors: . The Waitsburg Times plans to run an interview with me leading up to the event. You can find them here:

Sunday, October 8, I’ll be talking with KPTZ host Phil Andrus on his “Cats in Our Laps” radio show. In the past I’ve talked to Phil from Walla Walla but this time we’ll chat in person! Phil has been a supporter of my books since the first one in the series, Small-g City, debuted in 2015. More about KPTZ here:

Wow, that’s a lot of stuff!

And there’s room for more, 9. I’m sending announcements out to the writer organizations I belong to and have media releases circulating, plus a request in to the Walla Walla Rural Library District to see if they will host a reading in one or more of their branches. And of course I’m sharing the news with my Facebook friends and readers of this blog. . .

Speaking of Facebook friends, I’ve made the very first “direct” sale out of my own book stock to a longtime friend in West Seattle. Brenda’s special deal that I am extending to anyone who orders a print copy directly from me through August 25, 2023: I will cover the sales tax and shipping! For details, contact me through this website or send a Facebook message.

Are you going to mention the launch we attended last night?

Absolutely, Lily. Last night was opening night for the Walla Walla Summer Theater’s debut production “The Secret Garden.” The production was absolutely gorgeous with excellent acting and singing, an elegant and flexible minimalist set shifted between scenes by a well-choreographed chorus, and a live orchestra in the pit. This noble group, in addition to putting on fabulous theater, embraces and embodies this mission:

To transform the Fort Walla Walla Amphitheater into a nationally recognized regional theater and to elevate the cultural identity of Walla Walla through locally produced performing arts events.

As of this writing there are three more performances of “The Secret Garden” and I strongly encourage anyone in the Walla Walla area to attend. Find details about the show and the amphitheater project here:

Thinking about all of this makes me hungry. Maybe we should go out to lunch?

It’s a little early for that, 9, but I’ll consider your suggestion. How about we go out for dessert later?


Because really, doesn’t every launch deserve a little bit of celebration?


















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