Hoosegow, lucky to be adopted June 4, 2013. The green mark on his ear indicates he’s been “fixed.”

I’m lucky. In general and in specific. This week alone tells the tale.

On June 4, we celebrated the 5th anniversary of bringing Hoosegow Matley into our home. He’s a fabulous fellow, inquisitive in a way that makes him well-adapted to change. Like the recent move. Hoosegow looks at everything with fresh eyes. What’s this? What do I want to do about it? This makes him a specialist at new people, places and things. Like the catnip bush that I didn’t realize was in the new back yard until he pointed it out to me. It has since been reduced to a pair of spindly stalks.

On June 6th, we celebrated our 10th anniversary with Friday “June the Sixth” Matley. He is thus named because he was rescued from a ditch, on the point of starvation, on that day in 2008. Friday is the social worker in our household. He’s a cuddler, a head-butter, and makes sure everyone knows that everything is okay, like when we move from one house to another.

This Saturday, June 9th, I will celebrate with Marge Abraham, my mom. It’s her 75th high school reunion. How many people have the opportunity to attend this type of event? The Port Townsend High School Alumni Association is incredibly long-lived and active. We’ll attend a banquet Saturday night. Mom and her class will sit at the head table. I will be among the lowly youngsters who graduated in the 1970s. Mom has been tapped, once again, to deliver the toast from the alumni women to the alumni men. She always goes back and forth about whether she should include the word “sexy” in her toast and invariably gives in. I’ve heard the alumni men appreciate this.

Lucky to be in Hawaii with Mom, 1980s.

I am incredibly lucky to have Mom, Friday and Hoosegow in my life, and have reasons to celebrate with them. Wherever you are this weekend, I hope you’ll take a moment to feel grateful for the wonderful people, places and things in your life..

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