How many times have you tried to convince someone to do something for which they express disinterest? It’s for their own good, it’s something they need, there are negative economic consequences if they don’t to it! In situations like this you employ persuasion. And when I say “situations like this” you know what I mean. I’m talking about persuading the cat to eat his dinner.


Some online dictionary defines persuasion as the action or fact of persuading someone or of being persuaded to do or believe something. I’ll settle for “do”- -who cares if Hoosegow believes in his dinner?


Are you being weird again?


Doubtless I am, 9. When have you known me to be otherwise?


Don’t answer that, 9.


You give wise council, Lily. Always a benefit to have the inner fourteen-year-old looking out for the inner nine-year-old.


Back to the matter at hand. Hoosegow is, overall, pretty cooperative for a cat (don’t tell him I said so). For years he’s been on a prescription diet (urinary health, and you can thank your lucky stars I’m not going into the details). He eats one formulation of cat food, both kibble and cans, choice of chicken or fish flavors. His highness set me straight on the fish kibble; a total non-starter. So he munches and crunches away on his Science Diet c/d chicken formula, but as often as not will turn his wee tiny nosey up at the version that comes in a can.


If he’s eating the kibble why bother with the canned stuff?


Excellent question, 9! One of the things about urinary health issues is moisture intake. Wet food is recommended for that purpose (also for kidney patient kitties of which I’d had a few). Besides, you’d think he’d appreciate a little variety. About one in every six cans he’ll get revved up about the fish flavor for maybe one serving (the stuff is over two dollars a can, which I divide over four days), then up turns the wee tiny nosey. He only does that about 50 percent of the time with the chicken flavor.


Sounds like a reason to count your blessings.


And I would, Lily, except that I might spend lots of time following him around the house and yard in search of the location where he’ll take even a few bites.


I might try the cat brushing stand (formerly known as the butcher block):

Persuasion: Will he eat it on the stand?

Or the arm of my recliner:

Persuasion: Will he eat it on the  chair?

Or the top tier of the big cat post:

Persuasion: Will he eat it on the big post?

Or the middle tier of the small cat post:

Persuasion: Will he eat it on the small post?

There’s also the bath mat, folded up on the vanity shelf:

Persuasion: will he eat it on the mat?

And, if it’s sunny, the porch railing:

Persuasion: The picture of success (after many attempts)…

It sometimes helps if he observes me smooshing up the wet food with my fingers.


So is it you doing the persuading, or is it Hoosegow’s purr-suasion?


Lily, I think we all know the answer to that. . .


He’s got you wrapped around his paw.


I fear so, 9.


Wishing all of you who have a picky eater, whether two-legged or four, good luck in your persuasion endeavors!

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