Prep: sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts!

What does prep mean to you this week? Doubtless cooking prep comes to mind. I’m writing this on Thanksgiving, faced with my own meal prep and a Zoom with family coming up in half-an-hour.


For me, most of Thanksgiving prep has to do with shopping. I have a dead bird phobia, which takes turkey right off my radar.


Ugh! I know what you mean.


I know you do, Lily, and I can tell you it gets a little bit easier with time. Just a little bit. Our entrée is salmon stuffed with spinach and feta, courtesy of Albertson’s seafood counter.


I’m keeping side dishes simple: oven roasted sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts. These will bake together on a sheet. The salmon will go in for the last 10 or 12 minutes.


Fortunately, I do not have a dessert making phobia. On that count, I’m just plain lazy. For the second year running I’ve relied on Colville Street Patisserie, here in Walla Walla, to do my dirty work.

Dessert: the prep was entirely in the shopping, thanks to Colville Street Patisserie!


I was hoping you’d pick a chocolate one.


Points for consistency, 9! We did that last year, with a triple mousse cake. This year we’re switching it up a little. Dessert features apple and lots of other good, seasonal stuff. If you can hang on until December 1, we were gifted a chocolate Advent calendar.

Prep for Advent: Day 1 of the chocolate calendar identified!

To hold the meal together I’ve selected Bergevin Lane 2019 Love-Struck Viognier. I don’t usually open a bottle of “special” wine for myself but holidays are the exception. I’ll enjoy this one over a few days, but otherwise, no leftovers.


I guess that’s okay, but I kind of like stuffing.


I hear you, 9. Maybe we’ll make a batch for Christmas.


Speaking of which, Advent Bowl kicks off next Wednesday! I’ve done my preliminary prep for that one, making a list of 24 activities to keep me engaged in the holiday season. There are plenty of favorites from 2019 and 2020, plus new things like “costume day” and “buy a treat for 9” and “window shop with Lily.”


Oh, yes, and Christmas shopping. That will require a whole separate prep.


Prep. As in be prepared for something wonderful to happen.




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