Progress report: Advent Bowl in progress to chase away the inner (and, shown here, outer) Grinch. . .

This week, before the wild descent into the winter holidays, I’m taking inventory on all kinds of projects in progress. Let’s start with a progress report on this blog:


December 10: Interview with author Julie Weston, whose new title “Miner’s Moon” comes out December 15. For all you history/mystery lovers, this is book four in her “Nellie Burns and Moonshine” series, featuring 1920s crime photographer Nellie Burns and her dog, Moonshine. The series is set in Idaho. You can study up on Julie here:


December 17: News about another Nellie, historic figure and barrier breaker Nellie Gilliam Day of Walla Walla, educator and journalist who was county school superintendent 1887-89 and, in 1906, became the first female employee at the Walla Walla Evening Bulletin. I’ve had the honor of portraying Nellie in various Living History activities through Fort Walla Walla Museum.


December 24: Here at we don’t take a break on Fridays, even when it’s Christmas Eve! Preview of interview on the KPTZ Cats in Our Laps broadcast coming up December 26.


December 31: Who the heck knows?


Don’t forget, we’re doing Christmas somewhere in there.


Thanks for the reminder, Lily, and it’s worth keeping in mind that continental US packages sent through USPS need to go by December 15 to, more or less, make it to Christmas destinations on time.


What did you get me?


Wouldn’t you like to know, 9? There’s a reason Dad stopped telling you what he got Mom for Christmas when you were little. Rest assured I’ve ordered something for both of you and, yes, gentle readers, I do wrap Lily and 9’s Christmas gifts.


Are we making fudge this year?


One batch, anyway, for someone who would miss it if we didn’t.


You mean me?


Not exactly, 9, but you can lick the spoon. I’m pretty sure I’ve made at least one batch of fudge every year since I learned how, way back when the Batman TV series was new. Among other things, it reminds me of happy times with Dad:


Dad and the Family Fudge


His birthday is December 24, so I always think of him a little extra at this time of year.


We’re off to a good start on Advent Bowl.


And an easy start, too, I’m happy to report:


12/1     Take yourself to coffee

12/2     Pay it forward for someone else (this also ended up involving coffee)

12/3     Zoom with someone


21 more activities to go! What do you want to bet I’ll draw “Bake bread” tomorrow when I have things to do at 11 A, 1:30 P and 6 P? But that’s part of the fun- -making it work in spite of the obstacles!


You’re sure about that?


Sure I’m sure, 9. And I’ve already purchased the supplies and picked out the recipe we’ll use. Baking bread, I think, is the most complex and time-consuming task I’ve set for us this year.


Also, I’m working on scarf number three of a four scarf knitting project I’m doing because- -well, that’s a secret for now, since it has to do with gift-giving.


And we’re writing.


Indeed we are, Lily. I’m at the “read out loud” phase of book four in my fantasy/mythology series, putting the final touches on the manuscript before I submit it for consideration. Turns out if you can’t read a sentence without tripping up your tongue, it probably needs to be revised. You actors out there understand this first-hand, dealing with lines that don’t scan very well. Gotta save the reading world from that kind of stuff!


Back in my misspent accounting youth, the end of the year was feverishly busy, with preliminary audit work and the dreaded inventory cutoff on New Year’s Eve. It is not fun to see the new year in while counting stuff in a chilly warehouse. Turns out I can keep myself plenty busy even without doing inventory. . .


That’s my progress report for December, 2021. Gotta dash, and I know all of you do, too. Best wishes on the run-up to the winter holidays. Ready, set, go!








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