This is so exciting! Remember last week when I suspected the color red showing up in my life was the forerunner of new things? Earlier this week, because my eyes were open to the possibility, a very interesting prospect came to my attention.


Will we be famous?


Will we be rich?



Chances are a big, fat no. But if it works out we’ll be learning something new.


Uh-oh. That sounds like school.


Got it in one, 9. Yesterday I reapplied to Walla Walla Community College in hopes of getting into the 2-credit class Writing for Wineries. It will take up to five business days for my application to be processed/approved. Then I will dash to online registration and see if there’s still room for me to enroll.


I hope this doesn’t cut into our other projects. You’re just getting started on research for our new Living History person, Sister Catherine.

Prospect of learning a new skill as early as April 2024!

Classes are Tuesdays, April through the first week of June, 3:40-4:40 P. The sessions are via Zoom so we won’t have to spend time getting there. I don’t know what homework might be assigned. Heck, I’m not even sure I’ll get in since I’m not already part of the wine industry. The class seems to be targeted for people who work in marketing for specific wineries, and also wine critics.


Oh. That has possibilities.


Could be, Lily. I don’t know exactly how to enter the wine critic market, but I think I have the basics to give it a try. One, I write. Two, I am detail-oriented and enjoy learning about wine. Three, we have more than 100 wineries in Walla Walla County. Four, I’m willing to query newspapers and other media outlets to see if anyone wants to give my work a try.


I enjoy diving into things that interest me- -astronomy, history, and growing vegetables for example- -and getting immersed in the details. It seems everything in the world has a long and detailed story, an infinite number of things to learn- –


Plus we can get a new notebook. I love new notebooks!


Me too, 9. Just considering the prospect of becoming a wine writer excites me! And since so much wine is red, the color that’s been pointing me toward trying new things, it seems a good sign.


Prospects: Visualizing the life of a successful wine writer!



Even the weather seems to be cooperating since I stumbled across this new prospect, recently announced in the Walla Walla Union Bulletin. Remember the Beatles song “Paperback Writer”?


Of course.


It very nearly scans when I replace “And I need a job so I want to be a paperback writer” to “And I need a job so I want to be a wine writer” if you hold “be” for an extra count.


You were hopping around the kitchen singing that while you made dinner last night.


Busted! If you’re dreaming about new prospects, have fun, right?


Because prospect means the possibility that something fabulous will happen. . .

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