What to wear on the radio? Perhaps a bit of Grinch in honor of the holidays. . .

Hey Lily, hey 9, we’re going to be on the radio!


We’re doing Christmas first, though, right?


Right, 9. The radio interview happens on Boxing Day, December 26.


And it will cover both music and writing.


Correct, Lily. Here’s the official announcement from the event page at our website:



“I’m honored to be a guest on radio KPTZ’s program Cats in Our Laps, hosted by Phil Andrus on Sunday, December 26! The show airs from 7:00 to 10:00 PM. Phil will talk with other guests during the first hour. I will join him, via Zoom, at 8 PM.


From 8 to 9 PM he’ll spin a Nevada Slim & Cimarron Sue playlist curated from our CDs (recorded 2005 through 2010), and ask me about Bruce’s and my performing life as a cowboy music duo.


At 9 PM Phil will introduce me as Susan Matley, the writer person. We’ll talk about my books, interspersed with some readings from my “G” series fantasy/mythology novels. Phil will show me the door (or as he more tactfully puts it, bid me farewell) at 9:30 P.


I hope you can join us! You can live stream Cats in Our Laps (and all KPTZ programs) at https://kptz.org/. If you’re in Port Townsend, WA, set your dial to 91.9 FM.”


Wow, it sounds like a real thing!


It is very real, 9, so real that I’m preparing for it by re-reading my books. At this point I’ve finished Small-g City and Big-G City. That leaves Beyond Big-G City– –


And you just turned in the fourth book.


That’s right, Lily. Crisis in Big-G City was sent to the publisher for consideration last Thursday, December 16. WolfSinger Publications has right of first refusal on all books dealing with the “G” world. I hope to hear back on this one in a few months.


One thing I’m looking for as I re-read: scenes to read for the radio interview. It’s quite a challenge, selecting fifteen minutes of material to represent the series. Since the radio program is called Cats in Our Laps, I will definitely read a scene that features Veronica Zeta’s cat, Bill Gates, Jr.


I’m really excited about the radio interview, a little nervous, too, because it’s live so there’s plenty of opportunity for me to screw up! This, plus turning in the fourth book, have been serious peaks this month. Another (and totally unexpected) happening is being chosen Writer of the Month for the Arts Foundation of the Mid-Columbia website:




That is so cool!


It’s extra nice to have these special acknowledgements during the holidays, when my thoughts stray toward two people who are gone: Dad and Bruce.


Dad’s birthday is today, December 24. He would have been 97 this year. His last birthday on Earth was his 69th.



Dad, doing what he loved best. He was an excellent sailor, and had a voice that would have been perfect for radio.


Advent Bowl has given me a new means of remembering him today, with the task of “costume day.” Last month my sister sent me Dad’s Batman sweatshirt, which will be the basis of at least one costume I don today. Making fudge is another way I memorialize Dad. I’ve made and gifted two batches this month. The blog link, below, from 2015*, includes the recipe Dad handed down to me when I was little (coincidentally, fudge night was the same as Batman night, when the series was new):





Yesterday was a day of remembrance for Bruce, who died just before midnight, December 23, 2018. The first hour of my radio interview is about our music and our work as cowboy music duo Nevada Slim & Cimarron Sue. To learn more about Bruce the person, including his final days, go here:

Bruce did, in fact, have an early radio career as a college student.



By the time humans reach my age (currently 62) they have generally experienced enough of life to face holidays with a combination of joy and sorrow. My community of Port Townsend friends took a major hit in October when the magnificent Catherine McNabb left us. To add to the sorrow and the joy of thinking about her, she was the most Christmas-spirited person I’ve ever met. I feel tears but generally smile them away, recognizing how fortunate I was to have her in my life.

Catherine (center) was (from an impressive list of arts and holiday projects) known for the Christmas “radio” shows at Key City Public Theatre. Enjoying lunch with Judy Rich and me in the early 2000s. Photo by Ginger McNew (who was also our hostess!).


Lily, 9, The Guys and I hope you’ll be listening in or streaming at radio KPTZ this Sunday night. Until then, we wish you the best possible holidays.






*BTW, this is Blog # 350!






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