Dessert from Colville Street Patisserie in Walla Walla, WA. Rebop on that! A mousse trio that incorporates black currant: .

Blog fatigue! I am emotionally exhausted from writing about 2020 so this week we’re time traveling to 2019. Rebop! Repetitive nonsense? Chatter that serves no purpose? Presenting my blog from one year ago, about a wayward septic tank. Remember when things like septic tank malfunction seemed like a major disaster? Little did we know. . .


Lily, 9 and I will be back next week with a whole new blog. Right now we’re going to settle into a fabulous piece of mousse cake:

Dessert so nice we’ll show it twice!


Come clean you guys, we ate that last night.

And I think we should do it again!


Rebop on that, 9. Colville Street Patisserie, here we come!


Enjoy your holiday weekend and keep the faith for a gloriously social Thanksgiving 2021!


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