We’re busy with holiday festivities here, riding herd on four Advent calendars and keeping up with the daily demands of Advent Bowl. Gifts are sent and wrapped as needed. A few special recipes are pending production. Lily and 9 are working on their own projects this week. They wish you happy holidays, whichever and however you celebrate!

For me it’s a time to pause and reflect, not only on the very good year that’s nearly gone but on the end of a life that touched mine immeasurably. This week my friend, critique partner and mentor, Martin McCaw, left this world. I hoped to write something about him this week but my thoughts as of yet refuse to organize themselves. His book The Low Road came out in 2017, at which time he did an interview for this blog. When I re-read the interview today I realized it’s a good idea, as always, to let Martin speak for himself.

My heart is with Libby, his wife of 45 years, and all his family and friends. I hope they will find comfort, and even laughter, in reading his words.

Interview with Martin McCaw



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