You know how life kind of plods along on a steady, predictable path sometimes? This week is definitely not “sometimes.” Somehow I didn’t understand that the one or two or seven extra things I’d tucked into this week were going to have an impact not only on my time, but on my sanity. Enter: Spring Madness!


Since last week’s blog I’ve modeled in a vintage fashion show:


Spring madness: a bridesmaid, fresh out of 1950!



Planted red and green romaine seedlings:


Spring madness: 2 kinds of romaine!



Aerated the front lawn with a hardpan broadfork:


Spring madness: jumping up and down on a hardpan broadfork!



And barely had time to appreciate a gorgeous sunset:


Spring madness: practically missing this gorgeous sunset!



And you’ve been dragging Lily and me along with you!


I could never survive Spring Madness without you two, 9! Who would remind me to eat if not you? Who would force me into the shower and clean clothes if not Lily?


Not to mention Hoosegow.


He’s had his own Spring Madness project, inspecting the gutters:


Spring madness: Hoosegow inspects the gutters. . .



Then there was Wednesday, my usual day to book unusual chores and appointments: drop of the Subaru for its annual spring looking-over at the mechanics 8 AM; hair cut 9:30 AM; six-month dermatology check at noon. Without the car I was on foot for most of this, so I loaded up my backpack and transformed into Dora the Explorer, downtown Walla Walla edition:


Spring madness: a Walla Walla jaunt a la Dora the Explorer. . .



Now you’re just being silly.


The afternoon before that I received this week’s homework assignment for Writing for Wineries. Part of the assignment: write four wine reviews, two red and two white. Good thing it’s Spring Release weekend here in Walla Walla, and that I have two tasting events lined up. Otherwise, I guess I’d be opening four bottles at home between now and the homework deadline at midnight on Monday?


That would be beyond Spring Madness, it would be downright reckless.


I agree with you, Lily, because with all those partial bottles in the refrigerator where would I put the milk? As long as I remember to take a notebook on my outings it should work fine.


At least you’re not bored.


Far from it, 9. Because I’m also getting ready to be Matilda Sager Delaney at Fort Walla Walla Museum on May 19, and continuing research for the Sister Catherine presentation in September.


And fretting over the indoor seedlings.


Half of them stunted and half of them insanely leggy. It will be such a relief to get them in the ground May 10, aka “last frost” date. And before you know it, it will be the second half of May and time to get back to work on book five, working title Justice in Big-G City. It’s been with beta readers for over a month now, and the comments are starting to come in.


But one day in the not too distant future Spring Madness will end.


Then, it will be time for Summer Madness.

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