Summer may be ending, but this year fall brings Adam West Day!

Don’t look now, but as of September 22, 6:03 PM (Pacific Time) it’s fall. Yep, that’s next Thursday. I can practically taste the end of summer.


Is it kind of like apple crisp?


There’s definitely a spiciness to it, 9, crunchy grass underfoot sending up its fragrance and the first downed leaves going dry. The garden looks weary. Sunflower heads are drooping and the blueberry bush that yielded well this year is nearly picked clean. Tomatoes and beans that haven’t quite ripened look as if they are seriously considering cutting their losses and stopping where they are. I’m still watering things, but when I do my Slogger-clad feet are dragging.

Summer landscaping project: spirea and hibiscus along the driveway.

But summer’s not over yet! That’s what I keep telling myself, though given my surroundings the point seems moot. It’s critical that I support the new landscaping plants in the front yard, to help them get good and rooted before the weather turns cold. The ten day forecast shows highs in the 60s and 70s but no overnight dips below freezing. Seems like yesterday I was watering everything morning and night to nurse it through triple-digit heat. Makes sense, as it was 106 just two weeks ago!


Fall isn’t all bad. Tap class started again this week now that summer break is over.


Good point, Lily. I was happy to see my dancing classmates on Monday and start in on new steps and routines we’re learning from our teacher, Grace.


Also, this Sunday at 2 PM, Nellie Gilliam Day makes her debut at Fort Walla Walla Museum. Being balanced on the knife point of summer and fall seems appropriate for her, as she is 63 years old when she visits from 1918.

Nellie Gilliam Day, updated to her summer into fall 1918 look.


Whereas you’re a mere 62.


That’s right, Lily, and vive la difference! We’ll both pick up another year in November. But that’s a long ways away, right? Starting Monday, I’ll put Nellie to bed (or, at least, in the closet) and go full throttle in preparation for my library presentation on November 5. It’s called Myth-Taken Identities: Using the Greek Pantheon in Fiction.


That sounds like a Rocky and Bullwinkle kind of thing.


If it’s half that entertaining I’ll be thrilled, 9.


Speaking of entertainment, three days into fall (September 24) it’s the Fifth Annual Adam West Day here in Walla Walla! I’m looking forward to putting on my official Walla Walla Batman t-shirt and joining the celebration. There are sure to be lots of smiles on the street as people grab photo ops with the Batmobile and the Batcopter, plus live music and superhero appearances. It’s an educational event, too, with Q & A panels and movie screenings in the Marcus Whitman Hotel ballroom.

Will they light the Bat-Signal this year?


They certainly will, Lily, projected on the hotel tower at 9 PM. That even happened in 2020 when everything else was cancelled because of COVID. More about Adam West Day 2022 here:

Okay, so maybe it’s getting colder and daylight is getting shorter and the garden is about to call it quits, but life doesn’t really end in the fall. In fact, many cultures regard fall as the start of the New Year. Which reminds me, we need to make sure we have the ingredients to make Challah for the first night of Rosh-Hashanah. It starts at sundown on September 25.


That’s weird. You’re not big on religious things.


True, 9, but I’m always up for a loaf of homemade bread and a few hours of personal reflection. Plus, hearing the shofar bellow makes my spine tingle. I found a good recording of it on YouTube a couple of years ago that I hope to find again.


Summer to fall. You can fight the transition or find ways to enjoy it.


Not so different from any other day.

End of summer: new hydrangeas settling in out front in the newly rounded bed.

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