Q & A at Chez Marge

 Q & A at Chez Marge

We’ve just returned from a 5-day book tour. Whew!

I’m not using the royal “we”; my husband joined me on the trip to Western Washington and also in the readings. He brought much to the story-telling in his vivid portrayals of Ralph and Jim and inspired applause from our listeners many times. Well done, Bruce!

A big warm and fuzzy thank you to the gracious folks who hosted the readings in Port Ludlow, Port Townsend and West Seattle. Karen, Elizabeth, Marge, Shary and the Tuesday Morning Breakfast Club, Amy and the Boiler Room, Tim, Brenda and the ProletariYacht Club are true gems who provided diverse and welcoming venues (and sometimes a glass of wine). Thanks also to Minnie and the Dayton Memorial Library in Dayton, WA, for hosting a reading the week prior, you gave us a good sendoff (and lovely cookies).

Now I can say it- -I’ve had a book tour! In some ways it’s like the music touring we’ve done; many miles, lots of wonderful people and a huge pile of laundry to address upon return. There are significant differences, too. Books weigh less than instruments and sound systems; performances are indoors; we can wear civilian clothes instead of our cowboy get-ups. The biggest difference for me, though, is presenting words that are 100% mine. It’s frightening and thrilling, all at the same time. It made me feel especially good to hear people say they’ll now think of Ralph, Small-g City’s real hero, every time they drive over the Alaskan Way Viaduct.

Next week I’m attending the Women Writing the West conference in Redmond, OR, so I’ve invited a guest blogger to take my place. I won’t reveal her identity, but let’s just say the cat is out of the bag.

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