Cowboy PoetryThe month of April- -famous for showers, taxes, fools and something else. Poetry!

Inaugurated by the Academy of American Poets in 1996, National Poetry Month may be the largest literary event in the world. Celebrations and special events are taking place all over the country at libraries, schools, coffee shops, college campuses and a wealth of other venues. It’s a great opportunity to recognize the importance of poetry in our culture, to write something new, re-read old favorites and muster the nerve to recite a few verses at the neighborhood poetry slam. See for details.

Within National Poetry Month resides Cowboy Poetry Week (April 19-25). In 2003, the second year of the event, the United States Senate passed a resolution with unanimous approval recognizing this celebration. How long has it been since you’ve read the words “United States Senate” and “unanimous approval” in the same sentence? It’s a kind of poetry in and of itself!

The “go-to” source for Cowboy Poetry Week is Here you’ll find announcements, events and ideas for getting involved.

My favorite Cowboy Poetry Week activity is the “Art Spur”, this year inspired by Kansas artist Don Dane‘s painting, “Cowboy True, Thru and Thru” selected for the 2015 Cowboy Poetry Week poster. Submission guidelines for original poems (yes, you, too, can participate!) inspired by this painting are available at (deadline April 20, 2015). Before submitting your work be sure to read the guidelines- -rhyme and meter requirements are specific!

Cowboy Poetry Week is also a great time to thank genius Margo Metegrano for her incredible intelligence and hard work in keeping this online cowboy gathering up and running. Margo is a super advocate of the genre and true friend to cowboy poets around the globe.

And if you happen to see any poets this month, remember to say, “Thanks.”

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