Hi, it’s me, Lily! Welcome to my blog. . .

Hi, this is Lily! Susan sends her regards. She asked me, her inner fourteen-year-old, to write this week’s blog because her first exam in Spanish 121 is- -this Friday!- -and she wanted to reserve her brain cells. A lot was happening for us last week, so mostly I’ll give you updates.


The Skin Cancer Thing


I’ll admit I was freaked out about the biopsies from last week’s visit to the dermatologist. I’m happy to report that, though all 3 sites are cancer, they are all basal cell, which is the kind you want if you have to have it. All 3 will be removed in February and no further treatment is anticipated. So, a big Whew on that one!!


Summer Performance (fingers crossed!)


Remember when we did the Living History thing at Fort Walla Walla Museum last year, a presentation as Whitman Massacre survivor Matilda Sager Delaney? That was a lot of fun (we both love it when people pay attention!), and guess what? Someone from the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center in Baker City, Oregon, saw a performance and recommended us for their 2020 season! Right now we’re working to nail down a 10-performance, three-day run in early August. Watch this blog for details. . .


We’ll be giving the presentation at Fort Walla Walla Museum this summer, too, and we’re working on adding a second person from Walla Walla’s past to our repertoire: teacher, school superintendent and journalist Nellie Gilliam Day!


Spanish Class


We’re both enjoying Spanish 121 (though the other students, except for the Running Start girl, look kind of old to me). The quizzes have gone a lot better since the first one, and this Friday we’ll take the first exam. Part of the exam is writing out a memorized paragraph about the appearance of a close family member. Here’s ours:


Mi perro se llama Doc Holliday. Es bajo y gordo, para no es alto o delgado. Tiene el pelaje negro y castano. Tipicamente, trae un collar azul. Es un perro guapo.

Doc Holliday. Es un perro mui guapo!

That’s 25% of the exam. The rest is writing responses to things the professor says, plus vocabulary, grammar and reading comprehension, some of it written, some of it multiple choice. You know what? We’re kind of looking forward to it. We’ve been studying hard, quizzing ourselves on vocabulary and the implications of the concept “nouns rule.” Wish us luck!


MY Cool Thing


I finally started a journal, using the notebook and colored pens Susan gave me for Christmas. NOTE: This is not a diary! Diaries are silly and have locks on them, but make no mistake: anyone besides me reading my journal is strictly OFF LIMITS! So far I’ve used pink ink for entries about emotional stuff and blue for school work (inspired by the struggle to learn the Spanish word for “notebook,” which is “cuaderno”). I still have green and purple pens to assign- -maybe green for outdoor activities and purple for secret passions?

MY journal. Hands off!

So we’re having a pretty good week. Last week wasn’t so great, especially the first part, but life’s like that sometimes. So far, we’ve survived all the hard stuff 100%!


Susan and I wish you a really cool weekend. Thanks for reading MY blog!






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